vignetiOver the centuries the wine tradition has been handed down at Varramista.

Two particular varieties of grape have excelled in the vineyards over time, , Sangiovese, the older variety, and Syrah, chosen as the main, top vine species in the '90s, when Giovanni Alberto Agnelli, embarked on the reconversion of the vineyards and cultivation system accompanied by the enologist Federico Staderini who still controls the quality of the Varramista wines today.

That's how the prestigious Varramista wines, are made, from the passion for wine and the history of a territory, its climate and soil.
The actual area covered by vineyards is limited, to the benefit of quality: the attention paid to each plant is absolute. Dedication to the vines, from the shoot to the heavy bunches is reflected in the painstaking harvest with careful selection of the single grape.

The refining process is performed separately for each type of vine species.
At the moment of bottling the enologist choose only the wine from best barriques.